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Hey, it’s been a while!

Jamie here with an update. Thanks to all you regulars who stop by and share CMG. I’m glad this site has helped increase visibility for Chicago’s many game dev pockets, and I’m flattered for the continued traffic.

The world has changed plenty since our 2015 launch. 👏 It’s time for Spring Cleaning.

  1. We now accept links for tabletop, role-playing, and other games-adjacent creator communities. Chicago makes games of all kinds! Please send your links.
  2. Given the new rhythm of gatherings, the Event Calendar has been removed temporarily. Please check each Community for recurring meetups and event announcements.
  3. Large events with enough notice might get special treatment. Send those links and we’ll play it by ear.
  4. The site’s underlying structure got overhauled, and the design is in flux. Please send bug reports.

You can reach me here, here, and here. Thanks for your support!

— Jamie